14mm Slide W/ Horns Gibson Glassworks -1

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I started melting glass in 2004 when I was 18 and haven't stopped since! The interest turned into an addiction and a love for the fire and molten glass and endless possibilities, nothing stopping me from creating whatever I please. In the beginning I got to stand and watch one of my first glass mentors in his studio, paying hourly of course. I soaked up the information and then attempted the impossible once I got back to my "studio" in the forest. My studio first consisted of a makeshift bench over the sink in an old camper on the back of my dad's property. I couldn't stand up, but I could melt glass and it was on! Over the years I have built many glass workshops, some mobile some temporary, some still there today. I have had the chance to work with many other talented artists collaborating to create amazing pieces that incorporate both of our styles. I have taken on several students, taught private classes, done public demos, and also have had a couple apprentices. These are things that I really enjoy doing and hope to do more of. Each piece I make is different but distinctly recognizable as a Gibson Original. Get yours today!