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15" Metallic Terminator Finish Radiation Beaker - Red Eye Tek

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Product features:- 15" tall- 100% borosilicate glass- fits 140mm downstems (#KTD140)When 5 solid square marias simply arent enough you double it, because you can never have too much of a great detail! Just like those double stuffed cookies you'll probably be diving into after you spend the night with this guy. Thats what we call a great influence!Features: 10 solid square maria Beaker baseFlat mouthpiece Signature diamond pull-outClear polished joints For flower (mostly), trade the bowl for a banger to enjoy concentrates (we suggest the 14mm GEAR Premium Quartz Male 45 Banger)What's included:1 x 15" Metallic Terminator Finish Radiation Beaker 1 x 14mm Metallic Terminator Pull-Out 1 x 140mm 14mm Metallic Terminator Downstem