Ccell Silo Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

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The Silo by CCell is a tiny, ultra-portable but powerful concentrate vaporizer that delivers a hard to beat experience when paired with a TH2 Atomizer! The Silo is incredibly easy to use with no buttons or adjustments to make, just attach almost any 510 threaded oil cartridge to the included magnetic adapter, insert and inhale!  An LED will illuminate while the heater is activated, and you only need to inhale for 2-4 seconds at a time to produce a surprisingly large and super smooth draw.  The Silo is incredibly small and portable, just look at the size compared to a standard Bic Lighter!  A full cartridge and battery can last for many, many draws - up to a week of use or more for many users!  We recommend the TH2 as our overall favorite oil atomizer due to its industry-leading ceramic atomizer that will work with even a thick concentrate consistency. Key features: - Incredibly small size of 73mm x 29mm x 13mm- No buttons, no settings, simply inhale for 2-4 seconds to activate- Incredibly portable and discrete- Works with almost any 510 threaded cartridge- Recommended TH2 Atomizer provides industry-leading performance with its ceramic atomizer system- TH2 provides pure and clean taste with very smooth vapor- Use window to check cartridge without removing from the Silo- Can provide 200+ hits per charge, Micro-USB charging, 500mah battery- Durable aluminum body available in 4 different colors- Easy loading magnetic cartridge system, easy to switch between cartridges- A loaded 1ml cartridge and a full battery provides an incredible amount of hits without needing to reload or recharge- These are GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC CCELL PRODUCTS, fake vaporizers can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!