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Take your experience to a new level with a rig that has it all. The Source Orb Versa has been designed to meet all of your needs and wants. The built-in 3000MaH battery power provides the Versa with a long lasting charge making it a perfect device for on the go. When you need to charge it, the rapid USB-C charging port will give it the juice it needs to get you back into action. FEATURES:  Reclaim Chamber: Never clog your airpath again with the convenient removable airpath / reclaim chamber Warranty: Have piece of mind knowing you have full coverage for 3 years* Auto-Sync: The versa will automatically sync your atomizers to provide the perfect heat up. Sesh Setup: Select your perfect sesh run time and heat up speeds: Digital Controls: Select your precise temp with full digital temp control Haptic Feedback: Know exactly when your versa is ready with a quick vibration to notify you when you are at temp! Diffuser Upgrade: The Versa comes stock with our upgraded diffuser/atty. The rugged build of the Titan allows for heavy use without worrying about oil and overspill damaging your heat plates. Includes: Ceramic Crucible Slick Container Stock Tool Instructions Guide 1 Diffuser / Atty Travel Case Temp Settings: 300F - 750F 30 Second Sesh: Max Temp 750F 60 Second Sesh: Max Temp 650F 90 Second Sesh: Max Temp 600F   Warranty Info 3 year warranty on Versa body 6 month warranty on diffuser/atty * Through Source V*