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INTRO PRICING Fresh Sesh - The Bong Care Solution Fresh Sesh Bong Care Solution is the newest advancement in bong care. Infuse your bong water with Fresh Sesh to reduce resin build up and add a pleasent aroma to your smoke. With a wide range of refreshing scents to choose from there is something for everyone. Available in 6 refreshing aroma's. What are the benefits of Fresh Sesh? Reduce resin build-up on your glass, so you don't have to clean your bong as frequently. Elevate your senses while smoking with one of our many aromatic motion-activated scents. The bubbles created in your water pipe while you smoke activate and intensify the aroma helping to enhance your smoking experience. Mask smell between cleaning with room filling fragrance that permeates the air around your bong making that stinky bong smell a lot more bearable. How do you use Fresh Sesh? Fill up your pipe normally as you would with water. Open your Fresh Sesh bottle and add the recommended amount on the label. Small size bottles have 2 uses in a 8-12" piece. Regular size bottles have 6-8 uses in a 8-12" piece. If you want the scent to be stronger or use a bigger water-pipe, simply add more Fresh Sesh. Is Fresh Sesh safe? Fresh Sesh is absolutely safe, our proprietary motion activated blend is non-toxic. Made in Canada