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King Palm Terps Filters

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Terpenes Infused Pre Roll Filters Smoking herbs using King Palm hand-rolled corn husk filter tips will result in a premium experience. King Palm flavoured filter tip are designed for optimal flavour delivery. The smoke is less harsh, and the flavour from the infused terpenes is refreshing. Experience the best alternative to flavoured rolling papers. The flavour comes from food-grade essential oil that's infused with natural terpenes. Activate the flavour by squeezing the filter tip to release the natural terpenes. Lastly, King Palm natural corn husk filters are biodegradable. The 7mm size is ideal for rolling with joints and blunts.  King Palm Filter Features: Size: 7mm Bite or Squeeze to Activate Flavour Terpene-Infused Food-Grade Essential Oils Individually Hand Rolled Natural Corn Husk Use With Rolling Papers ; Blunts 2 Filters per Pack