Shine Pipes

Outside Fumed Pipe Shine Pipes - 3

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Ryan Lacovetsky Glass Artist I first tried lampworking in the fall of 1999, at Metamorphosis Glass in Union Bay, BC. Seeing the awesome work being done by the studio owner Neal Kuellmer, and other great Vancouver Island lampworkers, I became quickly obsessed with glass. I continued to travel 5 hours each way as many weekends as I could, and by the following spring, quit my job printing newspapers and moved to Union Bay to further my new obsession. After almost 2 years of lampworking at Metamorphosis, it seemed like time to move on, travel a little, and ultimately build a studio of my own. After two summers of traveling around Western Canada with a portable glass shop in my car, I decided to set up permanently in Winnipeg, where I have built a great studio, and have an amazing family.