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100% Authentic.  The PAX 3 Complete Kit and Basic Kit in Canada.  The PAX 3 improves upon the already brilliant Pax 2 in almost every way. Now you can order the PAX 3 Complete Kit with an included Concentrate Insert, allowing you to expand your usage and switch between Loose Leaf material and Extract.   With a durable but lightweight aluminum shell in a matte finish (less fingerprints), the PAX 3 also heats up twice as fast as the PAX 2, giving you a temperature-ready vape within 15 seconds. The built-in rechargeable battery has also been beefed up and now gives you a whopping 3500 mAh (milliampere hours). Plus, it's still backed by the longest warranty in the business; 10 years! FEATURES/UPGRADES: Complete Kit is Dual Use (Dry Herb ; Extract) Basic Kit is Dry Herb / Flower only 10 to 15 Seconds Heat Up Time Smoother ; Smarter (Improved Sensors and Internal Accelerometer) Longer Battery Life Free Smartphone App to give you more Precise Control over your Temperatures and Heating profiles Download the PAX 3 Vapor App Here PAX 3 Video Review “ How to Use This 100% Authentic PAX 3 Basic Kit includes: 1x PAX 3 Vaporizer Device 2x Mouthpieces (Flat ; Raised) 1x Oven Lid 1x  Maintenance Kit 1x  Magnetic USB charging cable + dock The Authentic PAX 3 Complete Kit includes all of the above PLUS: 1x “ Concentrate Insert Chamber 1x “ Half-Pack Oven Lid 3x “ Extra Screens 1x “ Multi-Tool Comes in: Black, Gold, Teal Blue, Silver, or Rose Gold