Puffco - Peak Pro Indiglow

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The Puffco had updated the Peak into Puffco Peak Pro with some advanced features ; now finally another Puffco Peak Pro (limited edition) to make the true Puffco fans happy! The Indiglow version has a smooth purple ; blue color fading over the silicone base and comes with a metal band that moves the same way in the upward direction to mold the inner dome and outer glass cone. Like the other version, the Peak Pro features a 40% larger ceramic bowl and an oculus carb cap to monitor the bowl's material. In addition, the device features a water filter with more capacity that filters the vapors better too. Furthermore, USB-C charging and wireless charging make the device convenient. Subsequently, the device integrated advanced features, including boost mode, ready mode, stealth mode, and some error codes for the user's convenience. Moreover, the Peak pro app integration has allowed users to customize the sessions by unlocking special features available only to Indiglow users! > The Puffco Peak Pro indigo is a smart portable e-rig with a better water filtration system than previous models.> The device features Bluetooth app connectivity that allows users to use extended heat settings.> The device comes with a larger ceramic chamber and supports the auto-sleep function ; has error codes.> The advanced features of the device include the boost mode, ready mode, and stealth mode.> The Peak Pro uses USB-C charging and is also compatible with wireless charging.> The device supports four heat settings that range between 490F to 545F.> The Bluetooth app provides tremendous control, including creating a custom heat profile, temperature, time, and LED color and customizing the boost mode.> The app also provides real-time device diagnostic that includes the bowl temperature and battery percentage.>The new boost mode allows users to increase the temperature as needed during a session.> The device features ready mode to be used with the app ; power dock only, and the mode initiates the already selected heat profile.> The device has a unique feature of an LED light band with four patterns including pulse, wave, disco, and stealth to represent each setting.> With 30 seconds of heating time, the device's average battery life is 30 sessions with 2 hours of recharge time.> It can be recharged using a power dock which is a wireless charger (sod separately).