Zob - 18 inch Straight Tube with Fixed Flat Disc Diffuser - 2

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Zob Straight Tube with Fixed Flat Disc Diffuser This straight tube from Zob Glass is approx. 18 inches tall.  This tube features a fixed down stem with a flat disc diffuser on the end of it.  There's no need to worry about broken down stems anymore. This pipe is a percolation machine! The diffuser on this thing bubbles the fuck out of the water!   It has a three prong ice pinch to pack with ice for extra chilled rips.  The tube is made of 5mm. thick glass, and sits on a 5 inch wide glass base. It comes with an 18mm. ground glass slide. Zob goes to great lengths to make sure each piece is one of a kind, so the label will most likely be different than the one pictured.   - Perc: Flat Disc Percolator Attached to a Fixed Down Stem - Features a Three Prong Ice Pinch - Height: 18.00 inches - Base Width: 5.00 inches - Glass Thickness: 5.00mm. - Tube Diameter: 50.50mm. - Down Stem: Fixed Down Stem - Slide: 18.00mm. Ground Glass Slide - Made in California