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Blazer - Blazer Turbo Nozzle Gaurd Kit

Blazer - Blazer Turbo Nozzle Gaurd Kit

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Blazer Big Shot Metal Turbo Nozzle Kit - 2.25" 

The precision machined aluminum Turbo Nozzle Guard fits over and encases a Blazer Big Shot torch nozzle. It adds an additional layer of protection against the accidental exposure to heat that is transferred to the torch nozzle during use. The guards come in black, blue, and silver presently. This is the blue listing.

The kit includes: 1 custom designed aluminum Turbo Nozzle Guard, 1 replacement screw and 1 Allen key. Be sure to follow the included instructions to attach your Turbo Nozzle Guard to your Blazer Big Shot correctly.

Note: While the Turbo Nozzle Guard provides an added layer of protection, always follow standard safety procedures when using a torch or lighter. The torch itself is not included or Butane. 

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