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Campfire Glass

Campfire Glass x Jambear - Consumer Rig Donut Eater Colab

Campfire Glass x Jambear - Consumer Rig Donut Eater Colab

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Introducing the Campfire Glass Art and Jambear Collaboration Dab Rig Donut Eater, an avant-garde masterpiece that combines the exquisite craftsmanship of Campfire Glass Art with the innovative design flair of Jambear Glass Studios. This cutting-edge collaboration brings a new dimension to your dabbing experience, marrying artistic aesthetics with functional precision.

The Campfire Glass Art component of this collaboration draws inspiration from the mesmerizing dance of flames, expertly translated into the design of this dab rig. The hand-blown glasswork captures the dynamic and organic shapes of flickering flames, creating a captivating visual symphony. Enhanced with CFL (Color Changing Fluorescent) technology, the rig undergoes a magical transformation as it reacts to different lighting conditions, adding an element of surprise to your sessions.

Jambear Glass Studios' creative ingenuity shines through with the introduction of a donut eater design, seamlessly integrated into the rig for a playful yet functional touch. The ergonomic design enhances the overall smoking experience while serving as a testament to Jambear's commitment to pushing the boundaries of glass art.

This exclusive dab rig is not only a showcase of artistic prowess but also a high-performance smoking accessory. The 10mm joint size ensures compatibility with a variety of accessories, offering versatility for enthusiasts. Additionally, the rig is engineered for optimal terpene preservation, providing an unparalleled flavor profile with every hit.

The Campfire Glass Art and Jambear Collaboration Dab Rig Donut Eater is a collector's dream, embodying the intersection of form and function. The fusion of Campfire's vibrant hues and Jambear's innovative design creates a work of art that transcends traditional expectations. Elevate your dabbing ritual with this extraordinary collaboration, where color-changing magic, ergonomic design, and terpene-rich experiences converge in a 10mm joint-sized masterpiece

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