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Thill Glassworks

Thill Glassworks - Nemo Wig Wag Carved Mini Tube

Thill Glassworks - Nemo Wig Wag Carved Mini Tube

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Introducing the Thill Nemo Mini Tube a captivating glass art dab rig meticulously crafted in Winnipeg, Canada. Featuring whimsical wig wag sections and intricate carving, this rig is as visually striking as it is functional. Equipped with a 10mm removable 3-hole diffy stem, it offers a customizable and smooth dabbing experience. The distinctive wigwag booty adds an extra touch of style to this compact masterpiece, making it a standout creation from Thill. Elevate your dabbing ritual with this uniquely crafted piece, proudly made in Winnipeg

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